"Our town is not about the high rise buildings or fancy developments;

it’s about the people.

If they’re happy, only then is our city a success!"

Welcome to

   Lisa Kuzela for Cedar Rapids Council!

Why am I running for city council?

​​​​Our leadership has spent most of its efforts (and much of your money) on fancy developments and unnecessary projects, assuming that's what makes us a great city. It's not.

It's the people, and their happiness is my priority.

Right now, taxpayers are on the sidelines watching their money subsidize wealthy developers. Our mayor and city councilpersons waste your money and bond without asking.

People are much happier when they are empowered.

I want the people to have ownership in their own community (and not just because they pay the bills).  

The initial and simplest step is to allow citizens to vote on projects like we did years ago. We weren't given that opportunity with the hotel and library.  As your city council representative, I will encourage our leaders and lobby the legislature to require the local government to get voter approval for such projects. I think you should have a voice as to how your money will be spent.

It's your money.

My belief is that Cedar Rapids belongs to all residents; not just the establishment or the well-connected. That means the direction of the community should be driven by all residents - from the bottom up and not the top down.

So, the second step toward providing you a voice is for the mayor and council to realize that there's really no purpose for consultants when we have a city full of people who already know the day-to-day and on-the-ground happenings in our town. These folks have a wealth of knowledge, and I greatly respect their ideas.

I am so excited to tap into their wisdom and use it to improve our community and provide a sense of ownership and pride in our citizens. And what great role modeling that will be for our children!

It's your town.

To ensure that our town is progressing in the direction that the residents want, as your council representative, I will form citizens committees who will provide me the on-the-ground information that's necessary to help me direct staff and council policy for the betterment of your community. For example, one such committee will be for roads. I will fight to end the days where a perfect road is repaved and the detour you take is a pile of rubble.  

I hear politicians all the time throw out the generalized cliche that "I want to give you a voice," - but they never say how.  I've presented you just a few specifics of how I want to. Now, I need your help to make it happen. Support me in whatever way you can, and I promise . . . 

I will hear your voice.

Your money. Your town. Your voice.