Please donate to my campaign so I can ensure these changes happen for the people of our city!

End Waste and Reduce Debt

Bonding has become a routine source of funding by our current mayor and city council.  It should be used only as a last resort. As your representative, I will actively work the budget to provide better alternatives to going into further debt. 

There are so many ways to eliminate waste, which in turn will reduce the "need" to bond and allow us to meet the real needs of our city. 

TIF's are also recklessly being used, and I am very much against that. They should be used only for their intended purpose - to recruit large companies to bring permanent jobs that provide a living wage.

Over the years, I presented solutions to waste and debt reduction to the mayor and council, but no one will make these simple yet necessary changes. 

As an insider on the council, I will have more of a voice to make these changes!

Build Trust and Protect Civil Rights

Trust in our government is gravely lacking, and it's up to the leaders; not the people to change that.

Leaders set the tone of how the city organization treats its citizens, and I believe it should begin by being honest and respectful and transparent and move our community in the direction that the residents want; not the agenda of a few.

If our taxpayers want to be protected from flooding, they need to trust that the City will provide that protection, and they should be the first to have a say in how that's to be done. I agree with most residents and support dredging the river as the initial step. 

If an ordinance, such as Chapter 22A "The Nuisance Ordinance," leaves residents feeling unsafe, it needs to be changed. If regular citizens come forth with problems, they must be given fair consideration. ​If oppressive actions are taken against residents, they need to be stopped.

​In the past, I have challenged leadership and staff by seeking truth and fairness, and I will continue to have your back while all of us work together with active communication and compassion.

​As your representative, I will work toward restoring a trusting and caring atmosphere to city hall!