Submitted 10/10/17

Questionnaire from the Economic Alliance (Chamber of Commerce) 

Why should the business community vote for you?

The business community should vote for me, because I have a unique perspective how to protect existing small businesses.

While our City has worked toward developing new businesses, existing small businesses have experienced collateral damage.

First, the TIFs and grants given to select persons have created an unlevel playing field to existing businesses and to startup businesses not receiving the same. City leaders are picking the winners and losers; eliminating capitalism.

Second, existing small business owners have informed me how the city indirectly hurts them.

For example, our city takes extensive time fixing roads. Small businesses become difficult to find and get to.

With roundabouts, drivers no longer stop or drive straight thru, so they observe their surroundings (businesses) less. One car owner is upset over a three-foot wall being built in front of his car lot, reducing his best way to advertise.

Residents regularly say they stay away from downtown. It’s confusing and unsafe. Road lanes have decreased, and two-way lanes make parking worse.

Third, we need to recruit distribution centers. For years, I’ve been saying that we are moving away from store front to online and we need to court Amazon. We are within hours of every main city in the Midwest. What a great selling point! These types of jobs won’t compete with existing small businesses or retail.

As your councilperson, I am going to focus on protecting existing small businesses.Type your paragraph here.