I’m running for Cedar Rapids City Council to represent the people.

As stated on my website, “Our city is not about high rise buildings or fancy developments; it’s about the people. If they’re happy, only then is our city a success.”

We have residents who feel alienated in our community. They deserve leaders with the compassion and courage to sacrifice the wants of the few to provide the needs of the many. We have money for those needs.

Yet, we are over $300 million in debt in General Obligation Bonds alone. I think it’s wrong to pass this on to future generations. We can do better.

We need to reprioritize. We need to get back to the basics. And we need to start treating people equally no matter who they are.

I’ve been involved with city government since the 2008 flood. I began by advocating for flood victims. Then, I started to follow the money. This is why I led the campaigns to defeat the Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST) extensions.

I’ve been a voice for taxpayers from the outside. I need to get on the inside to get things done. I will work to eliminate waste, fix roads and build trust.

My track record of working for individuals is solid. I don’t have any conflicts of interest, nor am I influenced by any special interest group.

It’s your money. It’s your city. It should be your voice.

Elect me on November 7th and let’s work together.

Website: www.LisaKuzela.com
Email address: Kuzela4Council@aol.com
Please visit my personal or campaign Facebook page

Cedar Rapids Gazette Guest Column

Submitted 10/06/17